7 Tips on How to Save Space in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a rather problematic place, especially in a small apartment. There is always not enough space for either cooking or storing food and various small things. Therefore, we are going to present to you some useful tips on how to get the best out of the kitchen and save more space.

  1. Give pride of place to folding furniture

Do not clutter up the small kitchen with massive furniture. Replace the large dining table with a moving or folding table. Give a second chance to the gateleg table: it can be unfolded as needed, and the rest of the time, you can use it as a bar counter. Hide the chairs and cutting boards in the kitchen junk drawers. Thus, you will save space and certainly surprise guests.

  1. Create additional storage space

Even if the junk drawers and shelves are packed to capacity, you still should not clutter up the kitchen worktops. It is better to find some  non-conventional ways to store things. For example, use a pot rack. With its help, you can hang different cooking things that you use most often.

  1. Buy magnetic holders

Knives and small cans with spices can be placed on special magnetic holders or on the refrigerator. It gives you an opportunity to clear more space on the countertops and shelves.

  1. Take advantage of foresides and cabinet doors

You can make the empty space of the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator useful by attaching small shelves and baskets to them. The inner sides of the doors equipped with additional hooks will also save space in the cabinets.

  1. Make organizers and extra shelves

Additional shelves in the kitchen cabinets increase storage space and give you an opportunity to distribute much more items in one place. In addition, narrow shelves can turn the tiny distance between the wall and the cabinet into a usable area.

  1. Use the windowsill correctly

You can use the windowsill not only for the home garden but also turn it into a table or a continuation of the kitchen worktop. Thus, you create a little extra space.

Laden surfaces create a feeling of tightness. Therefore, it is better to remove pots, jars, and seedlings from the windowsill. Grow greens in  unusual suspended planters that can be mounted vertically or hanged on the ceiling.

  1. Use ergonomic cooking utensils and appliances

Ergonomic appliances save space in the kitchen because they either fold compactly or combine the functions of several devices. In this case, there is no need to clutter all the kitchen cabinets and shelves with dishes and utensils.   

Most often, ergonomic dishes and other devices are made of food-grade silicone or equipped with some inserts from this material. Due to this, they do not take up much space during storage. 2 in 1 appliances and those utensils that can be stacked like nesting cups are also an excellent choice for saving space in the kitchen.

To sum up, cooking is a sacred process that should take place in peace and harmony. Choose the ideas you like and bring them to life. Moreover, some of these tips are very easy to put into practice or meet and date adorable russian ladies. Go for it!

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