7 Best Bulbous Plants to Grow At Home

Bulbous houseplants occupy a special place among all perennial plants since most of them are able to form flowers already in the first year after planting without any outside help. Soil quality, top dressing, and artificial irrigation are practically unimportant in this case. This phenomenon is explained very simply – all the necessary substances are already contained in the bulb. There are 7 most popular bulbous houseplants that will delight your eye.

  1. Bowiea

This succulent looks rather unusual. The stems that grow from a large bulb are quite long – they can reach a meter. And they hang down freely if you put Bowiea on a cupboard or a high shelf. Moreover, if you put a plant stake in the pot (for example, in the form of a climbing frame or an arc), the stems of the plant will braid it.

Bowiea blooms inexpressibly – there are pallid-green flowers smaller than a centimeter in size. But this disadvantage is fully compensated by the unusual outer look of the plant.

  1. Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum is an indoor bulbous plant with beautiful large flowers, the diameter of which can reach 20 cm. It usually blooms in late winter or spring. At this time, you can observe the appearance of 1-2 spears with 4-6 flower buds on each.

Plant breeders created many varieties of different colors: with red, orange, white-pink and other bright inflorescences, sometimes decorated with stripes or other "drawings".

  1. Zephyranthes (Zephyr Lily)

Zephyranthes is a bulbous plant that blooms in spring and summer and is easy to care for. The leaves are long and elongated, the color is rich green. The length of the peduncles is approximately 20–25 cm. Each of them has one yellow, white, or pink flower, depending on the type of plant. They grow and develop quickly, in just a few days.

  1. Ornithogalum (star-of-Bethlehem)

Ornithogalum is an unpretentious bulbous plant, so it is not difficult to care for it. The leaves are long and narrow. The flowers are miniature and greenish. It is one of the most unusual plants to grow at home.

However, the plant gained popularity among many gardeners not for its beautiful appearance but because of its medicinal properties. Ornithogalum is quite widely used in folk medicine in the treatment of various diseases.

  1. Eucharis (Amazon lily)

Eucharis is a popular bulbous houseplant. Its leaves are large – about 15–20 cm wide and up to 40 cm long. The flowers are milky white, fragrant, and large – up to 10 cm in diameter. With proper care, Eucharis blossoms several times a year.

  1. Valotta Lily

Valotta Lily is an unpretentious and easy-to-care indoor bulbous plant with narrow leaves about 40-50 cm long. It usually blooms once a year – in late summer or autumn. Although this can happen again, in the spring. Usually, 3–6 flowers with a diameter of about 6–8 cm appear on a high peduncle. You can enjoy them for about 5–6 days.

  1. Haemanthus Albiflos

Haemanthus – another unpretentious bulbous plant that is well adapted to room conditions. Its leaves are dark green and thick, their length reaches 20–25 cm, and the width is 8–10 cm. For their shape, the plant is sometimes called the “deer tongue”.

Haemanthus blooms in late summer or autumn. The height of the peduncles does not usually exceed 25 cm. The inflorescences of the plant are similar to fluffy balls. In the most popular indoor species –Haemanthus Albiflos – they are milky white, and in Blood Lily Haemanthus – rich red.

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